Meet the team

The Gentlemen's Club consists of 6 Teammembers who all have their own different capacities and qualities, which creates a great matchup to achieve big things.
Frustratico -Founder & NFT Specialist
Hi Gents, the one and only Frustratico here, Co-Founder of this project. I've been active in the ADA NFT scene since the very beginning, was involved in several NFT projects & will be responsible for marketing, partnerships and NFT investments. Let's make this legendary together!
WAGMI - Founder & DeFi Specialist
Hi Gents, Sir. WAGMI here! Co-Founder together with Frustratico I will be in charge of the DeFi part of our project. Moving across chains searching for the best opportunities and yields is what I do. Excited to take y'all on this journey. LFG
Shiniza - Community manager & Partnerships
Gents. Shiniza here. The community is my top priority therefore everything I do will be in the best interest of our gentlemen. Due to my many years of experience in working as a business development manager (Cybersecurity) for top companies I will be assisting Frustratico in setting up the right partnerships in order for our community to grow Let's do this lads!
JustinSane - DeFi specialist
Hi gents, I'm Justin Sane, member of the Investment Research Team. Alongside Sir. WAGMI, I will be looking at passive income opportunities across all chains. A true Gent should earn money while sleeping: TGC will give you this opportunity. We're on for an epic ride! Brindis
Snooz - Lead developer
Welcome esteemed Gentlemen, I'm Snooz, in charge of everything technical your code sommelier as it were. Working mainly behind the scenes to make your experience as smooth as possible! Background in cybersecurity, so keeping you Gents safe, is my top priority. Proud to be part of this elite club!
Mr.J - Graphical genius
Hi Gents, I'm Mr. J, the creative artist of TGC I was born with creativity in my blood Have a graphical master degree and won several prices for some of my designs. It's time to share my creativity with you gentlemen. Let's BUILD some awesome stuff! Eat, sleep, create.