Post mint proceeding summary

Below you can see the exact details of what we do with our mintearnings.

Netto mint earnings (distribution & summary)

The mint earnings are divided as followed:
  • 75% Treasury and development - 50% Yield farming Fund - 40% DCA Fund - 10% NFT Fund => 60% of profits made will be distributed towards our NFT holders as mentioned in Airdrops & Giveaways => 20% of profits will be used to compound our portfolio so we can expand the amount of holders that will be eligible for TIER 1 airdrops. So ranks 101-150 are probably the first in line for this expansion etc.. => 20% of profits will be used to pay current DeFi-executors and to hire new experts in the future as we're planning to grow exponentially.
  • 20% Team & costs The team has build everything from scratch with the help of their knowledge, expertise, effort, time and a lot of passion. We also outsourced different tasks to experts and payed all costs ourselves because TGC is our little baby. We only preserved 20% of the mint for the team as we believe juicing up the Treasury will benefit holders and the team way more long term.
  • 5% GIN fund (Gent-In-Need) This fund is made for helping other people in need. This can be charities but also people from our community who are having a hard time financially. The decision to donate and to whom will be decided by community vote.