Below you can see all details about the distribution of our royalties!
Royalties for The Gentlemen's Club are set at the standard 5% and will be used for multiple purposes.

Royalties distribution

  • 30% Will be directly added to the airdrop pools mentioned in Airdrops & Giveaways
  • 25% Will be used to grow the investment portfolio's which automatically scales up the possible profits and NFT giveaways for us to airdrop to the eligible holders.
  • 25% Will be used to fund the expansion of our ecosystem as our Gentlemen NFT's are only phase 1. We have a whole roadmap lined out for the next couple of months which will be announced once our planned systems for the Gents are up and running. One tip: We will be helping out a lot of future projects with what we're building and these systems will benefit our holders even more ;).
  • 20% Will be used to pay our team members and moderators for their hard work.