The Gentlemen's Club NFT's are fully crafted by our graphic artist Mr.J and are in the first place high quality artworks.
Click on these Billionaires to experience full quality.

Why Gentlemen as NFT?

We have respect for every NFT project but currently the (C)NFT space is over saturated with animal-based projects and we are determined to be unique in every aspect. Since our team is very DeFi and investing oriented, we wanted to make something involving "smart investors" and attach investing related utilities to it. We also agreed we wanted NFTs who look classy and exclusive.. Add our love for The Peaky Blinders to it and poof: The Gentlemen's Club was born!

NFT concept imagination

Our NFTs represent a group of distinguished Gentlemen whom are wealthy and have amassed some power, but stay honest, humble and respectful to others. These are a special breed of Gentlemen the world needs more of. The legend says these gentlemen have cracked the code to a financially free life, they are smart investors who make their money work for them! Being a part of this exclusive club will get you way ahead in life.


Wealth trait

The value and rarity of our collection can be determined on the Wealth of a Gent. Billionaires: 100/7777 (1.2%) High rollers: 375/7777 (4.8%) Millionaires: 768/7777 (9.9%) Investors: 1577/7777 (20.3%) Entrepreneurs: 4957/7777 (63.8%) All Gentleman NFT's are unique!

TOP 100: Billionaires

Our "Billionaires" are 100 uniquely named NFTs with handcrafted specially designed traits which represent the highest rarity class from the collection. Every billionaire can be seen as the same rarity and has the same benefits attached to it.

7677 Randomly raffled

The rarity of the rest of the collection is based on trait rarity, these traits are randomly raffled. We have very meticulously given every trait a certain weight. Extra benefits can be unlocked by the amount of Gents you hold in your wallet once you verified your address in our discord. (Exclusive channel access)

Trait information

All traits are fully handcrafted. Total traits: +-250 Categories: 17 (including special traits for Billionaires)