Roadmap 1.0 (DELIVERED!)

Everything below has been achieved and delivered already!
We launched our twitter in may 2022 and had +2500 followers in less than twee weeks!
We launched our discord and opened up with a bang: +3500 members in less than 5 days!
We announced partners and collaborations every day for a whole week! more info in Partners!
We held an AMA in our discordchannel and plan to keep doing this every 2 weeks.
We had a week full of games and contests and gave away awesome prices and a lot of WL spots to our community! We did: Fan-art competition, Poetry competition, Pokergames, meme contest and sporadically played small games like Rumble royal and smash karts inside of our discord. It was a blast!
In marketingweek we extended our reach and exposure by influencers, youtubers and made a TGC hypevideo! Also we launched the initiative "Friend-To-Gent" where people who convince a friend to be a member can win a WL spot.
We launched the gentpaper you're now reading!
On july 9th we had our WL mint and 10 july we had our public mint. We sold out at 5000/7777 NFT's and prepared ourselves to airdrop around 2500 Gents to our holders worth 240k ADA!
We airdropped 2500 Gent NFT's to our holders!
We launched all our exclusive holder channels in discord!
We had our first big raffle giveaway: 100k $REFI won by Moopi
We managed to reward our billionaire holders and Top 50 holders with an 102 $ADA airdrop per eligible payout! All with profits generated during a bearmarket!