General project summary

The Gentlemen's Club NFT is a collection of 7777 Gentleman NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Cardano blockchain. TGC was sold out on july 13th.
"Real members of The Gentlemen’s Club don’t work for their money, they let money work for them."
Holding a The Gentlemen's Club NFT can provide you: - Consistent monthly ADA airdrops (Billionaires & top 50 holder) - Ticket for our Tier 2 raffles (High dollar value NFT's or crypto) - Personal growth value (Physical & mental health, Financial education + all TGC PRO TOOLS)

Our Focus

Monthly airdrops & Huge giveaways

We are aiming to provide monthly airdrops for the TGC community by using a series of different yield generating strategies and DeFi protocols. 75% of the mint has been allocated in order to make this possible. (More info at Technicals)

Personal growth

Weare providing our holders with exclusive personal growth content & value, as we believe all gentlemen should strive to become the best physical and mental version of themselves. We are guiding you through that journey. We have expertise and connections in the Health-Fitness-Diet industry and will also discuss several investing (crypto&NFT) strategies + have regular AMA's/Webinars around these matters. Exclusive channel access

Community driven

Every step we take as a project is purely dedicated to grow and benefit our community. We involve our holders as much as possible with decision making. We are hungry to create the best quality community in the CNFT space. Gents supporting Gents.

Supporting men's charity

The pressure on men can be mind boggling at times and this is something that in our opinion is widely overlooked. Especially during these hard pandemic times a lot of men are struggling with their mental health and have no place to talk about it. At the end of the day the most important thing as a Gentlemen is to have a positive impact on the world and our community. If we can make a difference, no matter how small, we believe it is our duty as Gentlemen to do so. This is why we will donate 5% of our mint to charities especially tailored for these men or people from our community in need (Charity TBA post mint). GIN Fund