Mission(s) & Vision


Passive income

Our main mission is to bring 'passive income' to our holders in the form of: - Airdrops (Billionairs & top 50 holders) - Raffle giveaways - Contest & game prizes "At first not every holder will be eligible for airdrops. We are planning to benefit each and every holder once our resources grow and the market circumstances get better.


"We are aiming to pioneer in the CNFT space by bridging our funds across different chains to collect yields and bringing these profits back to our holders through airdrops. We will be the first to do so and are convinced it will raise standards for the CNFT space as a whole, thus other projects will follow our example. We are representing the next Gen CNFT"

Game changing

"We are changing the game by using a mesmerizing 75% of mint earnings for project development and treasury growth. NFT-projects often end up being a ordinary cash grab post-mint and we hate to see that. We at TGC believe in what we are set to deliver and are convinced we can create more value for the team & holders by growing our treasury exponentially and making this a blue-chip CNFT!"

Community evolving

"We are focusing on bringing personal growth value to our holders. As the project continues evolving, so will our holders as they become aware about new possibilities in this space. Being a member of our exclusive club will shatter their limiting beliefs and open new doors and opportunities. We strive for every Gent to become the best version of themselves financially, physically and mentally."

Results driven

"We want this project to become a huge success. For that reason we have developed a system in where the team can only benefit on positive results. This incentivizes all of us to perform at our very best. We want our results to do the talking"

Hand reaching

"We do believe projects should push each other's boundaries, however we don't believe in cutthroat 'competition'. That's why we're always open to partner up with other projects and help them as long as they have the right intentions and are genuinely building out the future of their project and the CNFT space."

Vision statement

"TGC is determined to become a blue chip CNFT by creating a complete ecosystem focused on delivering high quality artworks with unique utilities attached to it."