NFT Fund

10% of our Treasury and development fund will be allocated towards our NFT fund
Our NFT fund is made for supporting our partners' projects and support our own project and it's floorprice. We're going to use a few different strategies for this.

Buy highly anticipated (C)NFT launches

We will be constantly scanning the (C)NFT markets searching for new high quality launches and do everything in our power to secure a good amount of WL spots for us and our community. The goal here is to find new partners to collaborate with and of course to make profits which will flow straight towards our Gent holders.

Active NFT flipping

Our Co-founder Frustratico is a real NFT-flipper and made lots of money doing so. He will be busy flipping NFT's for our portfolio. These profits and NFT's will be used for the raffle giveaways to our holders.

Supporting our partners projects

We will be scooping the floors of the projects we've been closely working with, these NFT's will be used for giveaways to our community or for selling at a higher price so our partners benefit from it to. Partners

Scooping our floor price

We will be strategically buying our own floor price NFT's and will use these for giveaways to our community.