Yield farming Fund

50% of our Treasury and development fund will be allocated in the Yield farming fund
Yield farming is the process of using decentralized finance (DeFi) to maximize returns. TGC will use several DeFi protocols across multiple blockchains to find the best opportunities.

Providing liquidity

Providing liquidity is a great way to keep earning while we're in a bear market. We will be collecting yields by providing liquidity on Decentralized Exchanges across different chains. Our team will carefully deploy funds in the liquidity pools with the best opportunity. The main problem with farming is the dilution and tokenomics of the reward token that is given when you provide liquidity. Which is why our team will always research the tokenomics first and look for the safest and most stable farms. Rewards of the farms will be cashed out multiple times a day and converted to stable coins to avoid most of the volatility and sustain the dollar value of the rewards given at that exact moment.

Using yield generating DeFi protocols

We will be collecting yields by using third party DeFi protocols across multiple chains that have proven themselves and guarantee daily rewards. These protocols have their own money-making systems and give part of the rewards back to their investors which makes it ideal for us to generate profits. Of course we are dependent on the results of these DeFi protocols, our team will research and contact every protocol before we be deploy funds into it. We never deploy everything all at once, we first do a "test & trial phase" (as it should be) and work with the ones who continue to deliver quality.