The Gentlemen's Club NFT

Tier 2 point system

Point system based on the wealth trait
Wealth Trait Fundamentals
The TGC ecosystem will be based on the wealth trait! One of the first steps in this amazing journey is all about the utility of our beloved Entrepreneurs.
Storyline Entrepreneurs are the working class that get shit done for our higher wealths: Investors, Millionaires, Highrollers, Billionaires. As you all know the higher wealth ranks don't work for their money, they use their money to hire entrepreneurs and let them do the work! This basically means that without entrepreneurs, they can't make that much money to sustain their expensive lifestyle! Thus, entrepreneurs are KEY in this society and they play a major role in unlocking the full potential of all higher wealth ranks. Isn't it every entrepreneur's dream of working his way up to the higher ranks & the fountains of cash of the billionaires? Based on this storyline we've built a system that will be implemented for the TIER 2 AIRDROPS, in which you can raise your chances to win these weekly high value giveaways by strategically building out your team of Gents!
How will this work for the Tier 2 airdrop raffle system?
  1. 1.
    The chances for you to win the Tier 2 raffle giveaways will be based on the score of the gents you hold!
  2. 2.
    Your score is based on the wealth trait of your Gentlemen.
  3. 3.
    Billionaire, High roller, Millionaire and Investor points only count if they are accompanied by an Entrepreneur in your wallet!
This means you need an Entrepreneur for each higher wealth trait gent you own for it to count and unlock their full potential!
Each wealth trait has a base score, these scores can be increased by a rarity rank multiplier except for billionaires which will always be counted as base points.
Base points per wealth: Billionaire: 16 points (17 points with entrepreneur - 0 without) High Roller: 8 points (9 points with entrepreneur - 0 without) Millionaire: 4 points (5 points with entrepreneur - 0 without) Investor: 2 points (3 points with entrepreneur - 0 without) Entrepreneur: 1 point (always)
Rarity Rank multiplier: Rank 101 - 1000: x1.5 Rank 1001 - 3000: x1.25 Rank 3001 - 5000: x1.15 Rank 5001 - 7777: x1
Scores are thus calculated by applying the respective rarity rank multiplier to Higher wealth and to Entrepreneur separately, then adding the two. The system will always combine the highest ranks together and also start with the highest wealth.
Example: You have 2 High Roller, 2 millionaires and 2 Entrepreneurs , the system will combine the Entrepreneurs with the high rollers first, starting with the highest ranked. You will get 2x 9 points for the High rollers + Entrepreneurs and 0 points for the millionaires because there are no entrepreneurs left to combine them with! These points will then be multiplied with the rarity rank multiplier to give you the total score!
This might sound a bit complicated but it gives utility to our entrepreneurs, is based on the wealth trait and also accounts the rank of every gent! You can check your total amount of points in our discord's #check-score channel!