GIN Fund

5% of our netto mintearnings will be allocated towards the "GIN fund"
Our "GIN" or Gent-In-Need fund represents 5% of our mintearnings and is for donating to people in need from our community or charities.

Charities especially tailored for men

The pressure on men can be mind boggling sometimes and this is something that in our opinion is widely overlooked. Especially during these hard pandemic times a lot of men are struggling with their mental health and have no place to talk about it. This is why we are willing to donate a part of our mint to tailored made charities for these men.

Helping community members in need

As TGC is all about the community, we will be helping community members who're experiencing a hard time in their life. Obviously all applications for this part of the fund will be closely reviewed and investigated by our team to prevent scammers.